Governance and utility token ApeCoin shares updates on live AIP Proposals


  • ApeCoin shares more information on the live AIP Proposals on Tuesday via their official Twitter handle.
  • 3 new AIP ideas and 4 AIP ideas have been shared and moved to author preparation, respectively.
  • A report of all the AIPs in progress was also shared in the thread.

In a recent Twitter thread shared on the official handle of ApeCoin on Tuesday, the governance and utility token shared more detailed information on live AIP proposals. The ERC-20 governance and utility token is utilized to empower decentralized community building at the forefront of Web 3.0.

The token governed by its community revealed some statistics related to the ApeCoin proposals that are currently in progress. As per the information revealed in the thread, three new AIP ideas have been shared since last Tuesday. Within a week, a total of four new AIP Ideas have progressed to author preparation. 

There are a total of nine phases of the proposal, including AIP Idea, AIP Draft, AIP Analysis Report, AIP Moderation, Post-Moderation Tagging, Administrative Review, Live AIP, Final AIP, and Implementation. 

In addition to this, another new AIP draft was received, and as per the information obtained, the draft is currently under moderator review. A total of four AIPs exited the process due to no response.

The thread revealed that moderators are still reviewing answers for the three additional AIPs, and a total of five AIPs are awaiting answers from authors. 

ApeCoin DAO recently launched its community-led governance via a formal proposal process which is based on the one implemented and proven out over time by the EIP system of Ethereum. 

It was seen with the audience that they are impressed by how ApeCoin is bringing new implementations and making the ApeCoinCommunity proud. The community members were found actively submitting the AIP ideas they got so that they could be approved and implemented by the community.