Decentraland announces a new version of Decentraland’s SDK for improvements


  • Decentraland to launch a new version of SDK to improve performance, portability, and usability.
  • The new version will bring it close to the ideal SDK model that was initially imagined for the platform.
  • The initial version was created 4 years back by a team who had no experience in designing any game or any gaming platform.

Decentraland, a virtual world web browser, is been in the news as they have announced a new version of SDK. As per the reports, Decentraland’s SDK is currently being updated to more closely resemble the ideal SDK that was first designed for the platform. 

The aim of Decentraland’s SDK is to create an open protocol to design and create metaverse content that can be used by anyone and is available to adopt by any other platform. 

The revelation was made over the official Twitter account, about the new version and the reason to develop the new version is to improve usability, performance, and portability in a notable manner.  

The categories of improvement which will have a significant impact on various aspects of Decentraland’s SDK are 

Usability:  This will help content creators make development easier and facilitate the implementation of the Decentraland Editor, a strong scene builder that is visually based (like the builder) and still permits complete control over a scene’s code.

Performance: The update in performance will allow players to get a smoother and less chaotic experience without depending on the creators to optimize.  

Portability: It will make the SDK much more adaptable and flexible to other platforms.   

Its first version of Decentraland’s SDK was created 4 years back by a team who were trained in designing software applications but had no idea and experience of how to develop a game or a gaming platform.   

As a result, it would take several distinct iterations of the SDK to make the tools more intuitive and have fewer restrictions.

The SDK team gained a lot of knowledge during this process, and the Decentraland Foundation team as a whole has expanded to include many experienced gaming veterans who have offered feedback and contributions to the SDK Project.