Illuvium: Zero Enters Alpha Phase, Releases Game on Major Platforms


  • Illuvium has announced the alpha release of its future mobile and desktop companion program .
  • Zero is now available on key platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Android smartphones.
  • Players with any tier of Illuvium Land Plot can play the game and manage their digital industrial complex.

Illuvium has unveiled the alpha release  of Zero, its planned mobile and desktop partner software, across key platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

The project’s creators recently stated that they are hard at work, attempting to deliver as many projects as possible this year. The much anticipated alpha launch is a significant triumph for the Illuvium roster this year, and it is expected to be followed by additional projects in the Illuvium arsenal.

Despite the market’s uncertainty, Illuvium engineers are working to meet deadlines in 2023 and keep their extensive list of commitments. The release of Illuvium: Zero Alpha will allow Illuvium to make substantial progress on their goals for this year.

The Alpha release will be Illuvium Landowners’ first opportunity to play their Land plots in the game. The game’s release will also allow the development team to conduct large-scale testing and analysis.

The companion app’s alpha testing for Illuvium: Zero will be divided into two seasons. Season 0, the initial season, will run six to eight weeks. All game data, including blueprints, will be erased and reset at the end of the season. Season 0 seeks to let the development team solve bugs, address balance concerns, and avoid any difficulties that may come if player data is reset.

Following Season 0, the game will enter Season 1, which will run until the game enters open beta. The creators have indicated that there will be another data reset at the end of Season 1. 

The income economy will not be operational in the Alpha version, according to Illuvium; instead, players can mint the designs they discovered as NFTs during the last months of Season 1.

The newly earned NFTs will survive the Alpha data reset and may be used to build skins in the Overworld once Illuvium enters Open Beta.

Users must possess at least one piece of land in order to access the alpha version of Illuvium: Zero. Illuvidex allows users to acquire land. It should be noted that free-to-play land plots will not be available during the alpha testing period; however, they will be included in a future version.

Furthermore, because the free-to-play storyline will not be linked to the blockchain, users will be unable to transfer anything from the game.

To begin, players need to go to Illuvium’s official website, download, and install the game. To play the game, users must link their wallets in order for Illuvium to identify land in their inventory. Once everything is in place, players may begin constructing, using fuel, and engaging in other activities.

According to Illuvium, there are only 100,000 plots of land in total, with the first 20,000 sold at its maiden land auction.  On the marketplace, the least expensive land provided by Illuvium costs 0.48 ETH, or around $600, while the most costly property costs 525 ETH, or nearly $662,418. In the Alpha version of the game, users cannot lease land.

Illuvium, the world’s first IBG (interoperable blockchain game), is a forthcoming Ethereum-based open-world exploration, NFT monster collection, and autobattler game.

Explore 7 spectacular alien environments and conquer the wilderness in a graphically rich sci-fi adventure to unravel the cataclysmic events that destroyed Illuvium and help your crash-landed crew develop!