Final Fantasy creator reveals investments in blockchain gaming


  • Symbiogenesis is a brand-new Square Enix title.
  • In December, Square Enix financed $52.7 million in Gumi Games, a mobile game company.
  • Square Enix is developing numerous blockchain games and aims to release more in 2023.

Despite the turmoil in the cryptocurrency market, Final Fantasy developer Square Enix is preparing to double down on digital game production, according to a Jan. 1 statement from the Japanese company’s president, Yosuke Matsuda.

Symbiogenesis is a new Square Enix property that gives 10,000 collectible NFT artworks genuine gaming value.

The president’s letter sought to summarize the company’s significant successes in 2022 and clarify its goals for 2023. Most of the sections were about blockchain gaming, indicating that blockchain gaming would be a significant emphasis of the industry’s investment strategy in the future. The company that owns the Final Fantasy brand has stated that blockchain games will be a major focus of its future strategy.

Yosuke Matsuda noted that blockchain media is the economic sector in which the company would be most engaged in the near future and for which they have made a strong investment and have company expansion plans.

Matsuda attempted to make sense of the cryptocurrency industry’s fall after summing its ups and downs in 2021 and 2022. According to him, emerging innovations often generate  confusion but ultimately get adopted as a regular part of life. If there is turbulence in the cryptocurrency market, traders should not always dismiss its potential. New technologies and frameworks participate in the invention, but they also produce vital uncertainty.

Square Enix is working on several blockchain games and plans to announce more during 2023. Throughout 2022, Square Enix embarked on a number of efforts in the digital gaming market. It stated in July that it would be releasing Final Fantasy collectibles on the Enjin network. It became a node checker on the Oasys network in September.

Square Enix invested 7 billion yen ($52.7 million) in cellphone game developer Gumi Games in December to assist in the development of smartphone game products.