Dapper partners with Instagram, allows users to showcase NFTs


  • Instagram is set to test digital collectibles with certain collectors and creators in the US.
  • Posting or sharing the collectible will be free on Instagram.
  • Future plans include rolling out digital collectibles on Facebook.

Instagram has rolled out NFT the feature in more than 100 countries and is now supporting Dapper as well as Coinbase Wallet.  

According to Dapper’s latest tweet, both Dapper and Instagram will allow displaying the NFT collection on one’s profile.

As per the latest announcement, testing of digital collectibles will begin with US collectors and creators. The move will allow sharing non-fungible tokens that have either been purchased or created. The feature contains:

  • Linking the digital wallet- Upon connecting the wallet, collectors and creators can choose the NFTs they are interested in sharing on their Instagram profile.
  • Sharing digital collectibles- After the collectible has been posted; it will display a shimmer effect and show public details. The post will be featured on the profile too.
  • Creator & collector tagging- Based on their privacy settings, both the collector and creator can be automatically tagged in the post.

The offer is featured by collecting and organizing the data of the public from Ethereum and other open blockchains. The data helps to figure out the collectibles that belong to the collectors and creators once their third-party wallets are linked to Instagram.

As of now, Ethereum and Polygon will be supported; whereas, Solana and Flow will be supported soon. Coming to the third-party wallets, they will be MetaMask, Rainbow and Trust Wallet. Dapper, Phantom and Coinbase can be used after some time.

Be it sharing a digital collectible or posting it, Instagram won’t charge any fees.

By supporting the NFTs, the goal is to reduce the barriers to entry; enhance accessibility and make the world of NFT inclusive for every community. Another aim is ensuring the safety and fun factor of the social platform. The tools will assist users in securing their accounts as well as reporting about the collectibles that violate the guidelines of the community.

Since NFTs and blockchain question sustainability, Meta will buy renewable energy to curb the side-effects of emissions that result due to the display of digital collectibles.

Access to digital collectibles will be expanded in the coming time and collectors & creators will enjoy the parks associated with ownership of NFTs.