Instagram rolls out NFT feature in more than 100 countries


  • Meta is prepared to begin the international expansion of NFTs support on Instagram.
  • Businesses and users in more than 100 countries can now share their non-fungible tokens on Instagram.
  • Earlier the support was available only to certain creators in the US.

According to Meta‘s recent announcement, the company has begun the rollout of the NFT feature for Instagram in 100-plus countries. 

Meta has launched integrations with Dapper labs, Coinbase Wallet as well as the Flow blockchain

In the beginning of July, Facebook tested NFT support on selected creator profiles. According to the feature, NFTs were posted by the first wave of testers on Facebook. The move happened after Instagram began testing digital collectibles

In June, there was an update that Meta will test NFTs on Instagram stories using Spark AR.

In October, with the purpose of highlighting Facebook’s dedication to its VR business, the company performed a radical rebranding. At the time, Mark Zuckerberg shared that despite facing criticism from the investors, he was in favor of the metaverse.

Facebook is going through expansion issues, as youngsters are stepping back from the social platform. As a result, spending extravagantly on its goals related to the metaverse has become challenging.  

Zuckerberg, in a recent interview, said that only about a billion people would become a part of the metaverse

There’s no shortage of people who are opposing Facebook’s metaverse project. According to a prediction by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder, the metaverse project will result in being unsuccessful.