Vitalik Buterin’s book “Proof of Stake” will also be available in NFT


  • Vitalik Buterin is to launch his book “Proof of Stake” in the month of September.
  • The Book will also be available in physical, digital, and NFT formats.
  • Buterin thanked Seven Stories Press and Journalist Nathan Schneider for publishing and organizing.

On Wednesday, the Co-Founder of the world’s most popular smart contract, Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, mentioned that his book “Proof Of Stake” will now be available in NFT

Buterin, over his official Twitter handle, revealed to his 4.2M fans of the crypto community his physical and digital book “Poof of Stake.” The Book will be revealingly comprised of his various writings over the last ten years.  

He claimed that the Book would be out in a month, and the release date is currently set on September 27. Also, as it is now confirmed that the Ethereum merge will be happening in September, this Book of Buterin will be the second big event in a row for Ethereum fans. 

The prime focus will be on the NFT of the Book. Buterin also shared a link in his tweet from where the fans can get the signed digital copy and NFT.  

Further, Buterin also thanked and praised the New York-based American publishing company Seven Stories Press for the publication of the Book and Journalist Nathan Schneider for organizing everything. 

It was also seen the fans are also waiting for Ethereum 2.0 and, after that, for the Book. 

The month of September seems much more interesting for especially Ethereum enthusiasts. Also, the global crypto community will be waiting for all the new updates Buterin and Ethereum has to give to the world.