APE Realm by STEPN focuses on innovation


  • Ape Realm is built on the ethereum blockchain.
  • STEPN users will have access to an innovative new Realm, which will attract new users.
  • Elements of brands and new communities will be incorporated with an aim to prospect the personalized possibilities of STEPN.

APE Realm was launched about a week ago, strengthening things further. Thanks to the realm, a method to carry out a stress test of mechanic changes is now possible in the unpleasant conditions of the bear market.

Details about the third realm (Ape Realm) were announced by STEPN in a blog post. 

APE Realm went live at 10 am UTC on July 18th. 

Sustainability that stands the test of time has always been the area of focus for  STEPN. Considering the great start of the APE Realm, it’s time to tell the world that sustainability in a not-so-established industry isn’t something that happens through luck or all of a sudden. Instead, it’s all about continuous innovation and adjustments. 

#STEPNrun contest is for everyone who is fond of keeping fit through various physical activities. 

Based on the latest changes and the Health Point system, the efforts are to provide transparency related to the internal thought process. 

The changes made include:

  1. Addition of ETH Wallet
  2. Launch of APE Realm
  3. Addition of Sneaker’s Health Points (HP)
  4. Optimization of wallet creation process, allowing users to create wallets with a single click
  5. Optimization of the 5-in-1 sneaker improvement feature. 
  6. Addition of filter in the marketplace for OG and Genesis sneakers
  7. Optimization  of UI display as well as message prompt
  8. Resolving the known issues