Kolex and Immutable X Merge to Mint 100,000 Free NFTs for $APE Holders


  • To honor the ApeCoin DAO, Kolex and Immutable X are collaborating to manufacture 100,000 free NFTs for APE token holders.
  • A total of 100,000 NFTs will be made available during the claim period.
  • Immutable X will team up with Kolex to distribute free NFTs to its community to increase confidence after ApeCoin DAO decided to stay on Ethereum.

Kolex, the well-known NFT collectibles platform, and Immutable X, Ethereum’s leading Layer 2 scaling solution, are working together to commemorate ApeCoin DAO by minting 100,000 free NFTs for APE token holders. All NFTs can be priced at $APE because APE has already been included in the Layer 2 protocol of Immutable X, ensuring quick and easy transactions for the community.

This is a continuation of the May 2022 proposal Immutable’s AIP Idea: Immutable X to be ApeCoin DAO’s Trusted Layer 2 Scaling Partner, which calls for using the Immutable X protocol to create Otherside, the Bored Ape Yacht Club metaverse. After ApeCoin DAO elected to stay on Ethereum, Immutable X is keen to collaborate with Kolex to give out free NFTs to its community to boost confidence.

On Wednesday, August 3rd, owners of APE Coins who had $APE in their wallets as of Monday, August 1st will be able to claim a free NFT pack. The claim filing deadline is seven days. Owners of $APE can get their complimentary NFT. Following the free minting period, all secondary market fees and NFT sales will be given to a charity decided upon by the ApeCoin DAO community.

There will be 100,000 NFTs made available for use throughout the claim period. If any remain unclaimed after 30 days, the remaining NFTs will either be burnt or sold with the revenues going to a DAO-selected charity.

Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable said that All APE holders will be able to profit directly from the APE token by taking advantage of the quick, gas-free minting and trading experience on Immutable X, thanks to this gift from Immutable X and Kolex to the ApeCoin DAO community.

The esports NFT trading card website Epics.gg, Kolectiv and the recently launched Cryptees integrated fashion/NFT marketplace are just a few of the well-known consumer-facing brands owned and operated by Kolex, a leading NFT publisher and platform provider. 

With over 28 million packets opened, more than 600,000 collectors, 250 million Kolex NFTs in their collections, and eight figures in annual sales and trade volume.