Fascinated by NFT, PRADA Joins the Web3 Movement


  • Prada will launch its first independent NFT collection on June 2.
  • The luxury brand has joined top brands in Web3 via ethereum NFTs.
  • 100 NFTs will be released to go along with Prada’s Cassius Hirst Timecapsule apparel drop.

Elite brands like Balmain, Gucci and Balenciaga are now a part of the NFT universe and as per the latest news from the fashion streets, Prada has also joined them.

June 2 is the day when Prada will drop its very first independent NFT collection. Dubbed Timecapsule NFT, the drop of 100 Ethereum NFTs will go along with the brand’s latest Timecapsule apparel release. Furthermore, taking its digital persona ahead, the brand has launched a new community server on Discord, Prada Crypted.

Prada announced the exciting update through a tweet:

Furthermore, it shared the details of its first NFT collection through a post on its official website.

Talking about the Timecapsule drops, it started in December 2019. Each month, on the first Thursday, limited-edition items are released in the market for 24 hours. On a first-come, first-served basis, approximately 50 editions are available. These items are delivered in a custom package. However, the purchase will be accompanied by a special NFT from now. As far as the previous owners are concerned, they too will get the NFTs at a later date.

According to the announcement, customers will get a free airdrop of the digital collectible while buying physical merch from the brand’s recent association with Cassius Hirst.

Keeping in mind the color of Prada x Cassius Hirst unisex button-down shirts, i.e. black or white, the corresponding NFTs are also black and white GIF pill capsules. The collectibles are tied to the drop’s serial number and the number of the physical shirt.

What’s interesting to know is that the drop taps on the Aura Blockchain Consortium. For those who don’t know, Aura is a non-profit founded by Prada, Cartier and LVMH with a hope of deploying blockchain to stand against counterfeits and preserve provenance.

Keeping the excitement intact, Prada has shared another tweet that read: