Cristobal Balenciaga NFT To the Moon drop is Now Live


  • Lorenzo Riva, who served as the art director for the high-end clothing brand Balenciaga, unveiled a Cristóbal Balenciaga: To the Moon, NFT line.
  • Cointelegraph worked with NFT, the fine art NFT platform Art Vein, and the metaverse entertainment startup Animal Concerts.
  • To make the evening special, the crew has increased prizes and trophies, with 10,000 pieces of fashion history up for grabs.

In association with Cointelegraph, Lorenzo Riva, who served as the artistic director for the prestigious fashion house Balenciaga in the 1980s, unveiled the much-awaited Cristóbal Balenciaga: To the Moon non-fungible token (NFT) collection on Thursday. Cristóbal Balenciaga personally created 8,300 unique, never-before-seen designs for the NFT collection.

Cristóbal started as a local tailor’s apprentice and later became well-known in the fashion world as a creator of avant-garde garment shapes. In the 1950s, several trends reshaped women’s clothing, including the sack dress and the cocoon coat.

Lorenzo Riva, who directed Balenciaga’s artistic direction during the 1980s, received Cristóbal’s earliest concepts. Cointelegraph collaborated with NFT, Art Vein, a fine art NFT platform, Animal Concerts, a metaverse entertainment company, and others to create this stylish digital NFT collection.

10,000 pieces of fashion history are up for grabs, and the crew has boosted prizes and trophies to make the evening memorable. NFT minters would be eligible for gifts from high-end designer shops, designer goods, and even sketches from Cristóbal that are 70 years old.

The project team highlighted the rarest items in the collection, 50 one-of-a-kind haute couture Balenciaga NFTs. These uncommon NFTs provide premium redeeming functionality that is unmatched. For instance, Lorenzo will be featured in the following redeemable video discussing the designs.

In consideration of the women Balenciaga created for, this NFT drop offers a wide variety of redeemable goods (sent within 45 days of drop completion); the rarity of these NFTs dictates the type of redeemable supplied.

According to, 20 owners of “Ultra Rare” To The Moon NFTs will be chosen randomly and given authentic, 70-year-old drawings created by Cristóbal Balenciaga himself.

Additionally, 20 additional owners of Ultra Rare NFTs will each receive a $500 Designer Gift Card. Additionally, five “Hyper Rare” NFT owners will receive designer bags, and another five will receive designer wallets.

Each NFT holder will also get a free ticket to a metaverse concert in addition to the gifts. In addition, they will gain access to special giveaways and a spot on the allowlist for future Cristóbal Balenciaga NFTs.