Vitalik Buterin states Twitter’s barrage of account bans is putting it on the path to authoritarianism


  • Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum states that Elon Musk’s Twitter site’s barrage of account bans over the last few days is putting Twitter on the path to authoritarianism.
  • Buterin revealed that Musk was deploying a strategy called ‘central planning as overfitting’ where Musk introduced customized policies.
  • The bans come as a part of a backpedaling effort to trim live location sharing, irrespective of the previous statements made by Musk.

Ethereum Co-Founder, Vitalik Buterin, has recently released a statement regarding Elon Musk’s recent wave of Twitter censorship. The statement addressed that the site’s barrage of account bans over the past few days is putting Twitter on the path to authoritarianism.

This came in response to a post that praised Musk, where Buterin said that Elon was in the process of deployment of a strategy that he calls ‘central planning as overfitting.’ This is where Elon introduced policies that seem to retrofit surrounding Elon’s views on very particular situations. 

The latest wave of censorship concerns started when Elon banned the accounts which track Elon’s plane along with @CelebJets, which is responsible for tracking the private jets of several celebrities. These are the bot trackers that pull publicly available information and repost it, which is legit in the United States. 

However, things didn’t go as planned, as Musk perceived it as a threat to his personal solitude and security and took another step further, prohibiting the personal account of the creator of the Elon Jets Twitter bot, Jack Sweeney. 

In addition to this, Musk implemented a brand new Twitter policy that prohibits any tweets or accounts that share the live location of someone. The prohibition comes as a part of an effort to curtail live location sharing despite the previous statement of Musk that he won’t ban the tracking account of Sweeney in the name of free speech.