Kraken Rum has released 200 NFTs with a dark history


  • Kraken has launched 200 NFTs on ethereum.
  • Customers can either buy an NFT or Black Spiced Rum.
  • The NFT collection is available on OpenSea.

Kraken, a rum company, has released 200 digital collectible NFTs. Expecting the buyers to realize that the drink holds more value than the token, the company has given its customers an interesting choice. They can either buy a funky designed NFT or a pack of four Kraken Black Spiced Rum. 

According to a spokesperson of the company, the brand joined the metaverse and made the NFTs to transform itself into a brand that creates culture. 

The statement further said:

The Kraken is a cult brand, built into our DNA is a tradition of disruption. It’s our way of making the brand distinct from a category that often looks and acts the same.

Kraken aims to increase its fame and reach new customers in an engaging and fun way, making the customers curious about the company. Besides having fun with the audience, the company looks forward to keeping the buyers engaged with the rum.

The NFTs are a marketing tool for Kraken and the company is excited to see if the instability and volatility of the crypto markets will push the customers to opt for the real option instead of the NFT. 

The collection is a blend of art and the NFT world with a hint of nautical and history & irony and aims to show their real worth.

Kraken has minted Bored Mermaid Shipwreck Club NFTs on the ethereum blockchain. Though the collection allows membership of a unique club, benefits of the NFTs have not been disclosed.

The Kraken’s Non-Fungible treasures were available on July 26 at 10 am AEST for Blacklist members, while the public sale was conducted on July 27 at 10 am AEST. 

All in all, Rum drinkers who want to step into the NFTs space can begin their journey with the Kraken NFT.