Norman Rockwell Museum Launches NFTs of Unpublished Works


  • The Norman Rockwell Museum and the Rockwell family have collaborated to launch an NFT series called “Studio Sessions.
  • This initiative presents Norman Rockwell’s work as digital tokens for the first time and includes both digital.
  • The “Studio Sessions” collection will be available on Iconic’s platform starting November 1.

In a collaborative effort, the Norman Rockwell Museum and the Rockwell family have introduced a new NFT series named “Studio Sessions, the Norman Rockwell Collection.” This initiative presents the esteemed American artist’s work as digital tokens for the first time. This series will highlight several digital and physical pieces by Rockwell. Additionally, it offers insights into previously unseen images and behind-the-scenes material from the extensive Rockwell archives.

Iconic, a platform that merges traditional art with modern tech trends, facilitated this groundbreaking move. Their recent partnership with the Jackson Pollock Studio, which centered on releasing an NFT collection on the Ethereum network, showcases their expertise.

Art lovers and collectors must wait a while. The “Studio Sessions” collection will be up for grabs from November 1 on Iconic’s platform. Moreover, the anticipation builds as the exact details of the artworks in this collection remain under wraps. Upon release, those interested can buy these NFTs with a credit card or Ethereum, though the precise pricing for each piece.

Beyond its digital appeal, this project also supports a worthy cause. The Rockwell Museum will use the proceeds from the NFT sales to advance its mission. It involves increasing public access to Rockwell’s iconic works, nurturing emerging illustrators, and upholding the artist’s rich heritage under the stewardship of the Rockwell Family.

Spanning much of the last century, Norman Rockwell’s artistry vividly portrayed American life and values. His beloved illustrations depict a mosaic of daily experiences. “Studio Sessions” aims to showcase these moments specifically, looking into the preliminary sketches, photography sessions, and studies that led to each masterpiece. Moreover, each NFT purchase comes with a limited-edition museum-quality print.

The director of the Rockwell Museum, Norton Moffatt, conveyed the museum’s excitement, stating, “Our move into digital art editions marks a pivotal point in our pledge to uphold and honor Norman Rockwell’s legacy. It’s a significant step in both art and culture.”