Fourth Edition of EthBoy NFT Painting Showcases Development


  • The evolving artwork, which shows Vitalik Buterin in a harlequin outfit, alters every day in reaction to external input.
  • Jones collaborated with artist Alotta Money in 2022 to produce the first edition of EthBoy.
  • The NFT is part of a comprehensive ETHEREAL collection.

With the 4th edition, Ethereum Boy NFT Artwork continues to grow. Each day, the dynamic art, which represents Vitalik Buterin in a harlequin outfit, alters in reaction to external information. 

Trevor Jones, the NFT collection’s creator, is presenting the fourth edition of the generative artwork done in the manner of Pablo Picasso’s Paul as Harlequin. The newest graphic version, dubbed “Transcend,” was created in partnership with Grammy-winning DJ Sasha and will be displayed on London’s Oxford Street.

The NFT is part of the wider ETHEREAL series, in which Jones collaborated with artists Alotta Money and DJ Don Diablo to produce a new Ethboy version using the NFT network Async Art every six months for the next five years.

Async Art enables artists to create visual art that develops over time and reacts to data sources and events. The picture varies every day according to variables such as the value of Ethereum, network gas costs, and others.

In a news release, Jones stated that the label’s purpose is to construct a tapestry of Buterin’s life. Many people in the Web3 world consider it in terms of months rather than years, so this five-year collaborative endeavor will certainly become a historic piece of art and a paradise for the ten owners and collaborators participating.