Chainlink won’t support Ethereum PoW fork versions


  • The Merge is going to be the most remarkable upgrade in Ethereum’s history.
  • New versions of ETH won’t be supported by the protocol ahead of Merge.
  • Chainlink Labs has stated that certain issues and risks are possible with PoW forks.

In the forthcoming network upgrade Ethereum Merge, the Proof-of-Stake consensus layer will replace the Proof-of-Work consensus layer.

Chainlink Labs has adopted a diligent quality assurance procedure to keep in place the continuity for users on Ethereum

Both during and after the Merge to the Proof-of-Stake consensus layer, the Chainlink protocol as well as its services, will continue being functional on Ethereum. 

The Chainlink protocol will not support the forked versions of the Ethereum blockchain, which also includes PoW forks. This is in alignment with the decision to enhance the Ethereum blockchain to PoS consensus. The decision has been taken by the Ethereum Foundation and the Ethereum community.

Ethereum developers and decentralized applications teams who are dicey regarding their migration strategy about the Merge are recommended to pause the smart contract operations to prevent unpredictable incidents. This will also protect the end users.

Decentralized applications based on forked versions of Ethereum may function in unanticipated ways owing to application-level and protocol issues. 

Developers must know that external dependencies on which their contracts depend will function as expected both during and after the Merge. 

Meanwhile, Chainlink Labs will track developments based on the Ethereum Merge to maintain the dependability of its services.