Crypto investor Carl marks the paper loss of around $100 million; Sees the fall as an opportunity


  • Famous Youtuber and Investor Carl reveal he loses incredible amounts of money in the crypto bear market.
  • Carl mentioned that his portfolio was standing at a paper loss of over $100 million when the crypto market tanked like crazy.
  • The 400+ crypto startup investor Carl addressed that he is perfectly confident about his investments.

In a recent video shared on his official Twitter handle, The Moon | Carl, the famous Youtuber, and investor Carl mentioned that he used to lose a notable amount of money when the crypto market was falling freely. He mentioned that he marked a paper loss of about $100 million in a matter of just one or two days. 

There is certainly no denying that the fall in the market is no one’s fault but what drives people to lose or gain is their reactions to the market movements. As Carl didn’t sell any of his assets, he didn’t make any losses. 

This was because of Carl’s investments in assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. He was confident about his investments and appeared sure that the tables would turn, and the market growth will be restored back to normal. 

One of the significant things to emphasize is the fact that he mentioned crypto assets such as Ethereum and specifically Bitcoin, are going to be there for the long-term. That’s the prime reason why Carl is not afraid of his investments, even if Bitcoin falls by more than 20% in a single day. 

In addition to this, what adds more to the key takeaways from what Carl said is the fall in the crypto market, and especially Bitcoin is the chance to purchase more and increase investments. Buying at low also helps in averaging out your losses and reducing them to a certain extent.