Evan Mock Launches $MAHCOIN, His Own Cryptocurrency


  • American model, actor, and skateboarder, Evan Mock launches his own cryptocurrency, $MAHCOIN.
  • $MAHCOIN is launched on POOLS.
  • Holders will have access to the actor and multiple benefits.

Designer, surfer, actor, serial-collaborator and skateboarder, Evan Mock is an all-rounder in every area. However, looks like there’s another area he will soon be a master at. Mock now owns his personal proprietary cryptocurrency.

On Thursday, The North Shore resident publicized the creation of $MAHCOIN, which is both a play on Hawaii slang as well as his last name. An ERC-20 token, $MAHCOIN was developed with the prominent social token platform, POOLS. According to the announcement, it will be listed on POOLS decentralized exchange, where it can be traded and earned on Ethereum.

Founded in 2021 by Hugo Renaudin, French crypto entrepreneur, POOLS is a platform for brands and creators to launch their proprietary token as well as distribute it to their communities. The platform also allows the brands and creators to list the proprietary token on their decentralized exchange where it can be earned and traded on Ethereum.

All of his upcoming projects will be informed by the social token infrastructure. Be it his fans of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl or the one belonging to the skate community, all of them will have a platform that will offer them unmatched access to the actor. Moreover, they will enjoy benefits that are otherwise meant for the token holders.

Talking about these benefits, they include access to Mock’s upcoming fashion collection, behind-the-scenes content from the set of Gossip Girl, access to his premieres tickets, his close-friends story on Instagram and so much more.

Wahine, Mock’s latest clothing collection, which is in partnership with stylist Donté McGuine, is all set to go live later this month. $MAHCOIN holders will have the privilege to buy all the items of the upcoming collection and that with amazing discounts.

During his interview with KHON2 in 2021, no matter it’s in front of the lens or behind it, no matter it’s in the islands or anywhere else in the world, he will ensure paying tribute to his island roots with the belief that it will be an inspiration for others.