Facebook’s Meta Pay will secure your identities and payments on the metaverse


  • Facebook Pay has been renamed to Meta Pay to bring the payment offering closer to rebrand.
  • Those who have previously set up Facebook Pay are not required to perform any action to use Meta Pay.
  • Meta Pay’s features and user experience will remain the same as Facebook Pay.

Facebook Pay is now Meta Pay, as announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The change will roll out in the US and later launch worldwide.

Meta Newsroom announced the news through a tweet:

According to Zuckerberg, Meta Pay will be the same easy, secure way to shop, send and donate money across its product line, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Also, Meta Pay will be available anywhere a user previously would’ve seen the Facebook Pay button while shopping online.

Meta Pay’s features and user experience people know from Facebook Pay will remain the same. The rename is Meta’s first step towards creating a digital wallet for the metaverse. Users will be able to securely manage their identities, what they own and how they pay.

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In a Facebook post, he said that there would be all types of digital items in the coming time, whether one wants to buy or create digital clothing, virtual events, music, art, or anything.

Zuckerberg stated that the interoperability would offer better experiences for people and unique opportunities for creators. He also mentioned that the more places people can easily use their digital goods, the more they’ll value them. Furthermore, users’ ability to transact more easily will fetch bigger opportunities for creators.

Facebook changed its corporate branding to Meta in October to build the metaverse. Since then, Meta has been on a mission to rename its products to match the new corporate branding. Hence, Meta making the change for its payments experience, especially while gearing up for the metaverse, totally makes sense.