Messenger and Facebook groups will soon have Discord-inspired ‘community chats’


  • Community chats will soon arrive on Facebook and Messenger groups.
  • Community chats simplify tracking fast-moving conversations that have several people.
  • Users can conduct discussions with a number of people in categories.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Messenger and Facebook groups will soon have “community chats.” Large groups will be able to conduct chats into categories that will include audio and video channels for admin-only chats, real-time discussion and event chats. 

In a Facebook post, Zuckerberg mentioned creating community chats as the medium to connect with people with similar interests. Messenger is used by 1 billion plus people to interact with friends and soon users can enjoy community chats from both Facebook and Messenger groups.

These chats go way beyond the real friend group. For instance, someone who loves waves can join “People who surf.” As the communication will happen between strangers, certain tools will be there to enable admins to remove, block, suspend or mute members of the group. Through the admin assist feature, a custom criteria could be set to automate moderation. 

It is possible to start community chats from Messenger and Facebook groups of course. Testing of the feature will begin now and will expand to groups in the following weeks.

According to Meta, certain features have been incorporated to Messenger that remind Discord or Slack. A feature named “@everyone” was added to Messenger in March. The feature is meant to notify every user in a chat. On the other hand, the /silent command sends a message; however, recipients are not notified.