L’Oreal, Meta, and HEC Paris partner for metaverse startup accelerator


  • L’Oreal, Meta, and business school HEC Paris collab to launch web3.0 startup accelerator.
  • The program will support creative startups specializing in 3D production, AR, VR, mixed reality, avatar creation, and other web3.0 topics.
  • The program will be based in the world’s biggest startup campus, the Meta space in Paris.

L’Oreal, Meta and French business school HEC Paris are joining hands to power a metaverse startup accelerator program that supports creative startups exploring and specializing in web3.0 topics.

The web3.0 services can vary from 3D production, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality, and avatar creation, to portability in user experience and token economy. 

The program intends to support at least five start-ups, whose selection will be determined by a jury formed of Meta, L’Oreal, and HEC members, entrepreneurs, and investors. The application process will remain open till November 20 and the results will be announced in December 2022. 

The startups that are successful in the application round will receive mentorship, and access to experts and investors. The program will be conducted from January 2023 to June 2023 and will lodge in the Meta space within Station F, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, also known as the world’s biggest startup campus.

 L’Oréal chief digital and marketing officer Asmita Dubey stated, “It brings a lot of young talents together. They’re the future. Imagine the massive creative energy that it generates. The benefit for us is that we can use that creativity for our DMI [international marketing direction] and brands. So, of course, we will leverage that.”

Meta vice president for southern Europe, Laurent Solly further added, “We are proud to associate ourselves with L’Oréal thanks to this ambitious project, which aims to support the French startup ecosystem that will have a key role in the building of a shared, creative and inclusive metaverse. ”