STEPN bringing Web 3 closer to You


  • The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) App STEPN tweeted about the start of the Ape Realm coin minting.
  • Through the APE Realm, all STEPN users will have access to a state-of-the-art new Realm that emphasizes diversity and draws new users into the STEPNVERSE.
  • It’s amazing how hard everyone is working to integrate the NFT and fashion groups into this Realm.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) App STEPN took to Twitter to tell about their opening of the minting of Ape Realm. The thread contained the answer to some of the questions on the APE realm and STEPN at large. It said that

We continue to actively explore a path that no one has traveled before and we are excited to introduce APE Realm.

The company added that with APE Realm, they investigate the customized STEPN possibilities by fusing components of new communities and businesses. This is consistent with their goal of bridging web2 and web3 and bringing the subsequent 100 million people to web3.

Additionally, it stated that the inclusion of a portion of the NFT that symbolizes the aesthetics of individual identity and the focus on inclusivity as they have grown their user base has become STEPN the leading Web3 lifestyle app. The largest difference is not only modifying or adding a new chain.

A lot of users asked about the details on the Ape Realm, and the firm finally decided to answer it. They asserted to have decided to establish their Third Realm on Ethereum under the moniker APE Realm. The effort to include the fashion and other NFT communities in this Realm is fantastic. 

All STEPN users will have access to a cutting-edge new Realm through the APE Realm, focussing on inclusivity and bringing new users to the STEPNVERSE. The corporation is hoping that this endeavor will act as a test run for STEPN’s upcoming attempts to forge other foreign relationships. They argue that rather than being an isolated island, Web3 is a cooperative, interconnected world.

When asked why the company chose the Ethereum blockchain, the company said because there are presently almost 3,000 decentralized apps running on it, as reported by the cryptocurrency app tracker State of the Dapps. The creators of these programs can submit funding proposals for their initiatives, such as Uniswap, the biggest decentralized exchange in the world.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that Ethereum has innovated, fostered decentralization, and weathered several stress tests since its launch in 2014.