Web-based gaming platform Intella X, backed by Polygon, raises $12 million


  • Polygon, Animoca Brands, and Magic Eden are just a few investors who contributed $12 million to Intella X.
  • Neowiz, a gaming startup from South Korea, and Polygon collaborated to create the platform.
  • Later this quarter, it’s scheduled to debut.

Intella X, a Web 3-game platform, raised $12 million ahead of its Polygon debut. In addition to Global Coin Research and Wemix, other investors are Animoca Brands, Planetarium, Crit Ventures, Magic Eden, Big Brain Holdings, JoyCity, XL Games, and Pearl Abyss. 

Neowiz, a South Korean video game developer, collaborated with Polygon to create Intella X. It bills itself as a next-generation gaming platform with features like faster wallet setup and meta payments that lower entry barriers and improve user experience in Web3

Through its native currency and decentralized income distribution algorithm, the platform will reward participants in its ecosystem, such as game creators and users, and those who share its profits. 

The development will also feature Intella X’s Web3 wallet, the NFT market, a decentralized exchange, and several games, all of which are scheduled to launch later in the first quarter. 

We found on the website that they list several future titles, including poker, an MMO, and various slots. Additionally, it has several initiatives that use the Soup and Cats IP, a well

To further uphold the core principles of Web3, the platform distributes a portion of its earnings to its participants through its unique decentralized revenue distribution system.

In addition to its service protocols and the various game genres in its 2023 catalog, the platform provides other features to lower entry barriers and enhance the Web3 user experience. Intella X aims to provide high-quality games and a user-friendly environment to promote widespread adoption. This includes streamlining wallet setup and implementing meta transactions.

The Intella X platform, which includes its Web3 wallet, DEX (decentralized exchange), NFT market, launchpad, and games, is scheduled to debut on Polygon in the first quarter of 2023.