Animoca Brands to empower Web3 connections via Mocaverse


  • Animoca Brands announces Mocaverse, its PFP NFT collection, set to launch in Q1 of 2023.
  • The NFT characters or Mocas will offer utility including playing, doing good, building and learning to friends and family of Animoca Brands.
  • The NFT collection will evolve and add partnerships and new utility.

Animoca Brands has announced its PFP NFT collection, Mocaverse, to reinforce its Web3 and metaverse-based projects’ ecosystem. The NFT collection showcases the company’s, as well as its partners’ and portfolio companies’, ethos and shared values. 

Mocaverse will be launched in the first quarter of 2023 and include 8,888 NFTs of characters known as Mocas. Each character belongs to one among the five tribes- Connectors, Dreamers, Neo-Capitalists, Angels and Builders. 

Four major categories of utility, also known as “realms,” will be displayed by the collection to show off the key pillars of the collection. These key pillars are- do good, learn, build; and play. Also, the realms will act like channels for users and allow them to gain new knowledge, exchange ideas, and prosper like a community. 

NFT owners will get several membership benefits such as opportunities to learn together, play together, build together and do good together. 

Mocaverse aims to strengthen relationships between Animoca Brands’ partners, group companies, portfolio, cross-project partnerships, and multiple types of applications throughout the ecosystem of Animoca Brands. 

Animoca Brands owns an increasing portfolio of 380 projects with a focus on several sectors varying from blockchain games to marketplaces, esports, and platforms. 

Upon enhancing the unity and relationships of the growing ecosystem, Mocaverse will bring together early adopters, best builders, and thought leaders to create, advance, and extend a Web3 community that’s supportive. 

The co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, said that their community covers the world and the metaverse as well. They have family and friends who are leaders and builders with an aim to shape the Web3 culture and establish its future. Through Mocaverse, it is possible to create an intact and harmonious community by improving the connections between the portfolio and teams, as well as by creating mediums to create future platforms and projects.   

Mocaverse NFTs will be available to family and friends of Animoca Brands. Others who qualify to own them include:

  • Retail and institutional investors of Animoca Brands 
  • Employees of both Animoca Brands as well as its subsidiaries
  • Management teams of firms that come under Web3 investment portfolio of Animoca Brands 
  • Animoca Brands’ partners 

Besides these, more eligibility criteria will be shared soon. Both a free and paid mint quota will be given to the eligible parties.