New record by Ripple, 108,900 XRP utilized in sales of XRPL NFT


  • To create a record on XRPL in terms of NFT sales, more than 100,000 XRP have been paid.
  • The XRPL Punks NFT collection has made a record in sales to set a new breakthrough for the XRP Ledger.
  • Via the $250 million Ripple Creator’s fund, the XRP Ledger is attempting for an increase in NFT adoption.

The XRP Ledger has set a new record of NFT sales. According to onXRP, a XRPL Punks collection has sold items for 108,900 XRP which is equal to $44,000.

The sales has happened owing to an auction of Xpunk #8811, as shared by the Twitter account of the collection. Though the buyer’s name has not been shared, the buyer is not new to the community. 

Xpunks, also known as the XRPL Punks collection, pays respect to the CryptoPunks collectibles and is among the most trending on XRPL. Ever since the much-awaited XLS-amendment had been imposed to XRPL, until now, Xpunks have traded 1.78M XRPs. 

What’s noteworthy is the fact that the popular collection that sits at #2 rank, is a reference to the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Though two times less, the Bored Apes XRP Club has a turnover of 866,533 XRP.

An unknown community has got its hands on a recent purchase, which has a possibility of increasing in price and earning a profit in the coming time. XRP price looks positive and has eyes on October levels. 

Playing in the NFT ecosystem, Ripple has introduced a $250 million Creator’s Fund to attract major NFT projects towards the XRP Ledger. In the beginning of the month, Ripple collaborated with Ethereal Labs to bloom the Web3 space by taking crypto and NFTs assets to more and more people through partnerships, XRP Ledger and custom collaborations. 

Another reason behind the collaboration is giving a boost to the NFT strategy of Ripple and thereby, connecting NFTs with a larger audience.

For immediate cross-border settlement on a global level, Ripple is pitching XRP solutions to banks. Also, CommBank, the biggest financial conglomerate of Australia, has announced deploying the XRP standard of Ripple to facilitate cross-border payments.