Mastercard is collaborating with hi to introduce NFT Customizable Card


  • Polygon and hi are joining forces to allow their members to mint their own NFTs.
  • Members can use their NFTs to customize their debit card pictures.
  • These cards are currently available to citizens of European Union countries and the UK.

hi’s maker platform, in coordination with Polygon Studios, streamlines the NFT minting procedure and makes it simple and quick for anybody to create their own NFT. The best part is that it’s gasless minting.

With this partnership, any person will be able to customize their card with an NFT and then use it to transact cryptocurrency anywhere on the globe. hi’s debit card customers will be able to earn Spend Rewards on every activity, as well as refunds on up to 20 digital memberships and other bonuses.

hi and Mastercard have launched the world’s first fully customizable NFT card. Currently, residents of European nations and the United Kingdom are eligible for these cards.

To be able to use their NFTs on the cards, owners must first choose a debit card from one of four categories: silver, gold, platinum, or diamond. The lowest tier asks the user to bet 10,000 $HI coins, which are currently trading at roughly $0.022. Each card has benefits such as rewards, an earn booster, and free memberships.

If customers do not have an NFT to place on the debit card, they can create one for free. Polygon’s collaboration with Neobank hi is significant for the Web3 sector, showing that the blockchain and the organization behind it continue to collaborate with prominent businesses.

According to Christian Rau, Senior Vice President of Mastercard’s Crypto, they are pleased to be cooperating with hi to promote market development and to enable these personalized cards to be combined with the safety that Mastercard consumers have come to expect.

The NFT avatar personalization only supports certain NFT collections, such as Cryptopunks, Moonbirds, Goblins, Bored Apes, and Azukis. Other collections, on the other hand, might be included in the coming months.