An ultimate guide to Moonbirds, the cute owls backed by PROOF

April 16, 2022, gave birth to Moonbirds, an NFT collection of 10,000 unique owls infused with impressive and diverse rarity-based characteristics. The organization behind Moonbirds is PROOF, created by two very influential names in the NFT space, Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell. 

Moonbirds aims to be the next blue-chip PFP company, though owners of the NFTs are rewarded with a bag of benefits. 

A Moonbirds NFT provides access to a Discord server that’s NFT-gated. In addition, users have direct access to Moonbirds channels that provide information on community events, future drops and nesting. 

The surprising collection

After its debut, the NFT collection made it to the top 10 highest earning collections within a week. With about $500 million in sales, the revenue was $200 million in the initial 48 hours. 

Moonbirds available for purchase 

Among the 10,000 Moonbirds, 2,000 were reserved for PROOF Collective NFT owners, 125 were given to the team of Moonbirds and 7,875 were minted by winners in a public raffle.

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What makes Moonbirds unique?

According to Kevin Rose, Moonbirds NFTs were minted with a diversity of customers as the prime focus. This is why these owl avatars speak for both women as well as people of color. 

One of the NFTs has a rainbow flag inside its eye. Though everyone has their own perspective about it; however, rainbow flags represent the LGBT community too. Needless to say, such an approach that values everyone is definite to please a much larger audience base. 


Locking the Moonbirds for a certain duration is termed nesting. A type of locking, it is done in a manner that even after the duration completes, the NFTs do not leave the owners. In other words, the Moonbirds nest is upgraded owing to which it jumps to new tiers. As a result, several benefits are unlocked along with rewards for the holders. 

3 months after the Nesting period, the holders receive 250 stickers of their favorite Moonbirds NFT.

While being under the nesting process, Moonbirds are not eligible to be sold on secondary markets.

Purchasing the Moonbirds 

Using digital wallets such as Coinbase and MetaMask, Moonbirds NFTs can be purchased on OpenSea and LooksRare.

For transactions, both ETH or WETH, i.e. Wrapped Ether can be used. 

Utilities of Moonbirds NFT

  • Owners of the NFTs have access to the private Discord server of the project. 
  • They have access to the metaverse project, Project Highrise, which belongs to PROOF.
  • Owners not only get a front-row seat of their metaverse but are also eligible to buy land. 
  • After nesting and locking the NFTs for a period of three months, owners are eligible for hoodie airdrops. 
  • Owners have 100% right of the intellectual property.

What made Moonbirds special?

Majorly, the reason behind the NFTs being special is the name and fame of Rose, who is known as a reputed collector of high-value non-fungible tokens. His podcasts created excitement among the public. Alexis Ohanian joining as an investor was another reason. 

Future plans and benefits of PROOF was undeniably one more reason. 

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The controversial phase

First things first, every PROOF owner got mints of two Moonbirds, which made for 2,000 NFTs. 

Going further, 7,875 Moonbirds NFTs were assigned to the winners of a raffle. According to  Zachxbt, the popular cryptocurrency researcher, some users used bots and made about 400 accounts to Sybil attack the raffle. While some people from the community didn’t mind it, others who were not able to mint, raised their voices. 

The future picture

According to an announcement by Rose in a video on YouTube, a new media company will be launched by utilizing the earnings from the inaugural Moonbirds collection.

Current statistics

The 7 day volume of Moonbirds NFT collection is 1,306.32 ETH with a total volume of 161,713.87 ETH. With 6587 owners and a price floor of 19.25 ETH, the 7 day average price is 20.41 ETH.


What is a Moonbirds NFT?

A collection of 10,000 NFTs that were released on April 16, 2022 and were issued under the ERC-721 on ethereum. 

Who is behind Moonbirds NFT?

Moonbirds NFT was designed by PROOF, a startup owned by Kevin Rose.

How much did Moonbirds sell for?

Moonbird #2642 was sold for 350 ETH, which equals $1 million dollars plus. Moonbird #3904 and #5602 were also sold at high prices of $902,450 and $885,117 respectively.

Why is Moonbirds NFT so successful?

The NFTs collection enjoyed a sharp increase in price after launching in April, 2022. One of the key reasons behind its success is it being created by the PROOF Collective and Kevin Rose, its co-founder.

Is Moonbird NFT a good investment?

Since the NFT is in its early stage, calling it a good or reliable investment is way too soon. Even though the collection has performed brilliantly, declaring it a solid investment isn’t possible as of now.