An NFT project, Moonbirds, is signed with Hollywood talent agent UTA


  • Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell launched the NFT collection.
  • The collaboration is also registered with Moonbirds.
  • As part of the promotion, Yuga Labs will also partner with UTA.

Kevin Rose, an early-stage Facebook and Twitter investor, and designer Justin Mezzell founded the NFT-focused company in February 2022. The Proof Collective and Oddities NFT collections are also included in the company’s inventory.

When announcing the move on Twitter on January 6, Rose hinted that the deal’s objective was to generally make the Moonbirds‘ name more well-known than just as a significant player in the Web3 industry.

Therefore, the question arises: what value does UTA offer? They have 1,400 employees and departments for broadcasting, fine arts, speaking, marketing, sports, video games, book licensing, and more.

The firm behind the premier NFT project Moonbirds, PROOF, has agreed to be represented by United Talent Agency, one of the leading Hollywood talent agencies.

Rose further commented on the decision by stating that UTA will represent Proof and assist with “vetting, brokering, and executing collaborations and expanding prospects across a range of disciplines.”

In April 2022, 10,000 8-bit owl-themed NFTs of Moonbirds, an Ethereum-based project, were introduced. According to information from CryptoSlam, it has produced over $619.5 million in secondary sales.

Moonbirds is now the eleventh best-selling collection on the NFT market, behind CloneX ($794.9 million) and Doodles ($553 million), its closest rivals. Despite the ostensibly positive UTA news, the 24-hour sales volume for Moonbirds fell significantly by 57.86%, with $442,747 worth of Moonbirds NFT changing hands. However, trade volumes are still up by 63.74% during the seven days.

Larva Labs, the company that founded CryptoPunks, was the first to pave the way. It agreed to have UTA represent its intellectual property in TV, film, video games, licensing, and publishing starting in September 2021.

In the month after, Yuga Labs—which now owns CryptoPunks—took similar action by collaborating with UTA to promote the Bored Ape Yacht Club IP in motion pictures, television shows, music videos, and computer games. The most recent transaction before PROOF involved NFT startup Boss Beauties and UTA rival WME.