Moonbirds is launching DAO with $2.6 million funding in Ethereum and NFTs


  • Official Moonbirds DAO is all set to launch in 2023.
  • The announcement was made via the official Twitter post on October 3rd, 2022.
  • Proof funds to seed the DAO with $2.6 million in Ethereum and NFTs.

One of the popular Ethereum NFT projects Moonbirds announced on October 3rd to introduce the DAO mechanism. Moonbirds will be launching DAO in early 2023 to run its community governance smoothly and democratically.

Proof co-founded by Kevin Rose, revealed additional details about the Moonbirds DAO. With DAO the platform envisions to “empower creatives that are building towards furthering the Moonbirds ecosystem, reputation, and lore.”

The Moonbirds DAO will enable community members to vote and decide on crucial proposals for the platform. With the launch of DAO, the Ethereum NFT project is looking forward to expanding its ecosystem and community.

Owners or holders of Moonbirds and upcoming Moonbirds Mystic NFTs will be able to join, participate and vote on the community’s governance proposals.

Rose’s startup will fund the DAO initiative with $2 million worth of Ethereum. $500,000 will be used to buy 37 Moonbirds NFTs. In addition, Proof will also support DAO with its seven Moonbirds NFTs which are worth $100,000.

Moreover, Proof is also offering 35% of the creator royalties and Oddities collection to the Moonbirds DAO.

Launching DAO is a revolutionary step in the evolution of the Moonbirds project. They had announced in August that they will switch to open-source with Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

Later in the same month, Moonbirds announced to release of its own utility token. Moonbirds team was planning to integrate the token into their upcoming DAO structure in some way.

Commenting on these latest developments, Rose said,

We are well aware that the world doesn’t need another token for speculation,….. So when we do something, it should be uniquely our own with real utility, and something that we believe pushes what’s possible in new and exciting directions. Otherwise, why would we be doing it? There’s just no reason at all.

Moonbirds will be soon releasing their Mystic collection of 20,000 NFTs. The collection funded by the VC giant Andreessen Horowitz will be launched next year.