Breaking! Moonbirds & Oddities are now CCO, says Kevin Rose


  • Kevin Rose has announced the transfer of Moonbirds and Oddities to a CCO license.
  • Anyone can now utilize Moonbirds NFT art without any copyright limitations.
  • A forthcoming development of the Moonbirds DAO has also been announced.

Moonbirds founder Kevin Rose has announced that Oddities and Moonbirds are set to move to a CCO license. 

CCO or Creative Commons refers to “no rights reserved” on intellectual property. A type of copyright, CCO enables creators to move their work into the public domain by waiving the legal interest. Having said that, Moonbirds NFT art can be used by anyone without facing any copyright restrictions.

In a tweet, Rose said: 

True ownership is dictated by what is recorded on-chain, the way it should be, not by a record housed by a government or corporate entity.

Recently, XCOPY, a renowned crypto artist, announced applying CCO for all available art. 

Deca, another NFT creator, has also executed CCO project launches that have been successful.

Known among the most significant projects in the NFT space, Goblin-town was also launched as CCO. As a result, irreverent Goblin-themed collections ruled the charts of OpenSea for some time.

The expanding movement has been termed CCO summer, the exposure of a new CCO-based meta in the NFT world, by several figures like Zeneca_33. 

Rose has also announced the development of Moonbirds DAO, which is meant to govern the licensing of the Oddities and Moonbirds trademarks as well as avoid hate speech, scams and violence in the community. 

The changes will be reflected in terms of the project’s and website’s services. A session will be conducted on August 5 by the team of Moonbirds at Moonbirds Parliament Twitter Spaces.