ArtBlocks CEO anticipates large number of valuable NFTs


  • ArtBlocks anticipates that they will be able to have a significant number of NFTs while still being valued.
  • Calderon wants to build a system that goes beyond “fomo-based” methods.
  • The current price floor for the Chromie Squiggles NFT collection is 12.5 ETH.

ArtBlocks is expecting that they can have a large number of NFTs while still being valuable. Erick Calderon, the inventor of the popular NFT collection Chromie Squiggles, envisages a future in which NFTs are valued without being scarce.

The crypto-cold weather reduced NFT volume of trade by more than 90% in terms of US cash value the previous year. The decline affected even flagship collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Azuki. At the exact same time, the volume of transactions has constantly increased as buyers flock to inexpensive NFTs marketed as “digital collectibles” and supplied by established firms like Reddit or Warner Bros. Discovery.

Calderon is interested in expanding beyond “fomo-based” mechanisms into a system where firms can serve individuals with services that are exclusive to them. 

Devoted to delivering captivating pieces of modern, dynamic artwork into existence, ArtBlocks brings together artists, collectors, and blockchain technology in service of revolutionary creation and unique experiences. It has established itself as a marketplace for the creation and sale of one-of-a-kind artwork.

Art Blocks is an Ethereum-based service that offers customers programmable and distinctively generated art NFTs. Art Blocks NFTs are made using a proprietary generative minting method, giving each piece a unique and unpredictable appearance. Chromie Squiggles NFT was designed by Calderon in 2020. As per the NFT Floor Price, the collection’s market price floor is 12.5 ETH, which is about $20,000.