Final auction for Queen Elizabeth II Ethereum NFT tribute project


  • Ethereum-based NFT project, QueenE, is hosting the final Gen1 artwork auction
  • Released in July, the project has launched 73 pieces of artwork
  • Secondary sales of the NFTs have gone up after the demise of the Queen

After the unfortunate demise of Queen Elizabeth II, an Ethereum-based NFT project that developed dozens of her tribute artwork during the past two months is conducting the final auction today. 

In early July, auctions were launched for QueenE to offer a single Ethereum NFT portrait as a tribute to the Queen.

Fabio Seva and mladen.eth created the project and designed it to release new pieces for the Queen’s remaining life. 

Format and code of the project was forked from an inventive project, Nouns. The project auctions one Ethereum-themed profile picture on an everyday basis and adds buyers in a special club; however, tweaked it in a royal way upon serving  lo-fi renditions of Queen Elizabeth II. In the beginning, the QueenE auctions happened after every few hours though they were usually released once daily.

Following the news of the Queen’s death,  the project made an announcement that the ongoing auction is the last to be released as part of the original collection. 

The project’s bio mentioned, “Rest in Ethereum, forever.”

As of now, the highest bid for the final QueenE Gen1 NFT is 0.5 ETH. The auction will last until 4AM ET tomorrow. On July 27, the highest ETH sale price was 1.9 ETH for QueenE #23. 

Ever since the news of the Queen’s passing has been announced, the secondary sales of the NFTs have spiked. The current floor price at OpenSea is 0.88 ETH.  

The funds from primary sales will go into a treasury, monitored by a DAO. Members of DAO can vote on proposals that utilize the funds for a number of  initiatives.

It took no time for users to create new tokens with names like QueenDoge, Queen Elizabeth Inu, London Bridge is Down, Save the Queen, Rip Queen Elizabeth, etc.

According to data, the Queen Elizabeth Inu token has the biggest price value gain of 28,506%. Talking about the Elizabeth token, it has seen $2.7 million worth.  

Queen Elizabeth Inu and Elizabeth have liquidity of liquidity worth $17,000 and $204,000.