I’m selling my #BAYC to go in on #CloneX: Alex Is Building


  • During the 2020 dip, Alex Is Building bought ETH at $45 and again at $240.
  • @AlexIsBuilding is now selling his #BAYC to go in on #CloneX .
  • Alex Is Building shares his strategy in 5 simple steps and gives 3 reasons behind the strategy.

Abnormal Studios founder Alex Is Building bought Etherium at $45 and then again bought it at $240 during the dip in 2020. And no he is all set to sell his #BAYC to go all in on #CloneX.

In a long Twitter thread, Alex Is Building explains in detail the reason behind his move. He writes that @RTFKT is about to airdrop its holders a companion ‘Pokemon-like’ NFT named ‘Project ANIMUS’, which will be airdropped as an egg and may take several months, especially if it is like their MNLTH drop. 

He elaborates that people who’ve been in NFT space long enough have started to notice patterns repeating themselves over and over again.

When a project makes an announcement about an airdrop, it receives a high spike on that day which shoots up higher until the time of the launch. One example would be @OthersideMeta.

After the release, the price crashes.

Here’s what @AlexIsBuilding’s strategy would be:

1. Buy CloneX now

2. Sell the day BEFORE its release.

3. Wait before buying & purchasing an Egg.

4. Purchase an Egg (at the time of Christmas).

5. Sell that Egg (at the final stage of ‘hatching’).

He states that the prices crash after the reveal time and again and that he’ll be selling his during the final stages of the pre-reveal.

Later, he also gives 3 reasons to explain why he is bullish on this strategy, including:

 1. He doesn’t hold NFTs for very long (It is a reducing risk).

 2. He’s selling during periods where high volume is likely (There is higher liquidity).

 3. He can purchase floor NFTs to do it (Higher liquidity time and again).