Michael Blau creates a Proof of Merge NFT; Features metadata evolving with ETH merge


  • Andreessen Horowitz’s Michael Blau and Mason Hall have created a Proof of Merge NFT with which you can prove that you were into crypto before the Ethereum merge.
  • The Proof of Merge Ethereum NFT will go through three phases that are triggered automatically by its smart contract.
  • If anyone tries to transfer their Proof of Merge NFT, the transaction will fail, but the sender will have to pay an Ethereum gas fee.

In a recent announcement, it has been revealed that the Michael Blau of the Web3 firm Andreessen Horowitz, along with crypto investments partner Mason Hall, have engineered the black and white Proof of Merge Ethereum NFT. 

The creative thinkers have facilitated the creation of a Proof of Merge NFT featuring metadata that will evolve dynamically as the Ethereum merge unfolds. As revealed, teh NFT will go through three phases that are triggered automatically by its smart contract. Zachm.eth, a software developer, has designed the front end of the project. 

The very first phase of each of the Proof of Merge NFT will display before the merge and show two separate circles. As for the second one that occurred early Wednesday, it shows two half-merged circles. Finally, the third phase will show the circles fully merged, forming a yin-and-yang symbol to demonstrate that the Ethereum merge is complete. 

In a recent statement released by Michael Blau, it is basically a side project that the duo has been working on over the weekend and launched. Hall revealed that the art is a nod to a meme that shows the execution layer of Ethereum as a white bear. The two bears then amalgamate to make the ultimate Ethereum panda bear. 

At the time of writing this article, around 9,000 distinct crypto wallet addresses have already minted a free “Proof of Merge” NFT, which is infinite. However, it can only be claimed prior to the finalization of the merge. 

In addition to this, Blau revealed that the three phases are majorly for simplicity’s sake. Moreover, it should be laid an emphasis on the fact that the Proof of Merge NFTs also operates as a “Proof of Attendance” NFT of sorts. Well, it should be noted that these NFTs can be held by wallets that minted them before the merge. 

Revealing further about the NFT, Hall said that the only possible way to determine if the merge has taken place on-chain or not is to measure block.difficulty. This is because of the block.difficulty, that acts as an attribute of a block that represents how difficult it was to mine that particular block on the Ethereum proof of work chain. 

The Ethereum Merge is set to occur late Wednesday evening in accordance with the estimates based on the current hashrate of Ethereum.