Bill Murray’s Ethereum wallet hacked, $174K stolen post NFT charity auction


  • The Ethereum wallet of actor and comedian Bill Murray was hacked last night.
  • Wrapped Ethereum worth $174,000 was stolen.
  • A runner-up bidder has donated replacement funds to be used for charity.

The Ethereum wallet associated with Bill Murray underwent an attack last night, leading to a theft of over 110 Wrapped Ethereum worth $174,000. 

The funds were stolen after the completion of  a single-edition NFT that generated 119.2 WETH. The funds were to be used for the purpose of charity.

Gavin Gillas, who belongs to Venkman, the blockchain startup Project co-owned by Murray, said that he observed an illegal transaction of 108.03 WETH. It was followed by another transaction of 1.73 WETH. 

CEO of comedy and entertainment website The Chive, John Resig and Gillas shared about filing a police report besides including the services of Chainalysis, blockchain forensics and security firm. 

According to Gillas, attackers got illegal  access via a wallet-draining exploit. Attacks of such kind happen when the owner encounters a link that functions to commit scams.

He further said that the wallet of an employee of Project Venkman was also drained. 

The Bill Murray NFT auction generated funds for the Chive Charities initiative. The funds were meant to aid the care of Evelyn, a three-year-old girl, who is suffering from the effects CLDN5 gene mutation and intractable epilepsy.

In the whole situation, the only good thing that happened was that someone came forward to replace the donation. As per the details, mishap72, runner-up bidder, donated 120 ETH to support the medical care of the  child. In case, the funds are recovered, they too will be donated for Evelyn.

A GoFundMe page has been launched by the Chive to crowdfund extra additional donations with a goal to achieve $25,000.