OpenSea announced the launch of a new project named The Kingship


  • KingShip is to be launched on OpenSea dated July 14.
  • There will be a surprise for the first 50 people to show their art.
  • Kingship is a First Ape supergroup major label.

OpenSea revealed the launching date for Kingship, a new project on the theme of top-secret plans in an undisclosed location.

The launch date is July 14, as confirmed on the official Twitter account of OpenSea. It also describes the story of the Kingship. Sharing a front image of the newspaper – it was told there is something funny and amazing for the first 50 people to showcase their artwork. 

The Story of KINGSHIP  

The first ape supergroup to be signed to a major label is KINGSHIP. They are well known for their island empire, their multi-Ethereum-selling music, and their rare combination of boredom.

They first met many blocks prior, at Really High School, where the lead guitarist was a stranger as his schoolmates thought his laser eyes were of the cliched trait. Since his traits clashed with those of other students, Captain (bass), who had developed a reputation for toughness early on, stood up for him, and a relationship was born. 

It’s difficult to live on the Ethereum blockchain. Your characteristics cannot simply be modified. They are a permanent part of your life. You only have control over how other apes perceive them. 

They struggled for years under the name Darkship, changing singers frequently and performing in swampy dive bars. After a performance on a small island, they met Arnell, a mutant DJ. Later on, they eventually made her join their band and convinced her to produce. 

They managed to grab the attention of the well-renowned manager Noët All, and also began to build a small fan following. It all happened through Arnell’s connection.

That manager, Noët, was into volunteer work, helping the apes escape from the great gas war. She crossed over the former King of Solana, now known as KING, to the Ethereum blockchain. 

The plan was made that King would showcase as a normal member of the band but lately, it was revealed he had some serious talent. 

The Kingship currently sits on an island where they first met Arnell. They are in the task of constructing four towers, which will be one for each member of the band and each with its own distinctive property and power.