OpenSea Pro off to a good start with rise in active addresses and transaction volume


  • OpenSea Pro has received a positive reception so far.
  • Active addresses and transactional volume of OpenSea Pro have increased considerably.
  • The NFT aggregator’s transactions are comparable to Blur.

On April 5, Today NFT News reported that OpenSea launched OpenSea Pro, an advanced NFT marketplace aggregator. 

In recent days, OpenSea Pro has experienced a remarkable spike in active addresses as well as transaction volume. The daily active addresses have surpassed 2.8K and the daily transaction volume has surpassed $2.5 million, which is three to four times the previous amount. 

As of now, the share of aggregation transactions of OpenSea Pro can be compared to the Blur marketplace. 

According to Dune, there are 641 active users and 199 new users. The current volume share is 45.7%, which is quite close to Blur’s which is at 51.1%. The total number of minted Gemesis NFTs is 85,306 with the current floor price being 0.044 ETH. 

The fastest and most powerful aggregator has created hype right from the beginning, thanks to it updating data for mints, trending and collection pages without consuming time. Furthermore, it has been integrated with the advanced floor sweeping feature. 

OpenSea’s major reason behind launch OpenSea Pro is to compete with its current strongest rival Blur, the NFT marketplace which has earned praises in a relatively short duration. At present, Blur has gone ahead as far as trading volume is concerned. 

The aggregator will provide tools and improvements to both creators and retail traders and will look forward to partnerships, primary drops and smart contract standards. 

Whether or not OpenSea Pro will overtake Blur remains unclear; however, Twitter has shown favorable response. OpenSea Pro enables OpenSea to fulfill the requirements of seasoned NFT traders besides fulfilling the requirements of casual traders on its main platform.