OpenSea delists BAYC NFTs by mistake


  • OpenSea mistakenly delisted Bored Apes briefly.
  • The issue is now resolved, as confirmed by BAYC.
  • OpenSea also reported one such incident where an employee misused their employee access to download data and shared it with external sources.
  • The incident was also reported to the law enforcement as OpenSea confirmed

Recently it was revealed that due to an error in OpenSea, the world’s first and largest web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles, a number of Bored Apes were mistakenly and temporarily delisted from the platform. Also, the users received emails about the items being delisted. 

The incident was reported officially on the Twitter handle of Bored Ape Yacht Club. As per the latest revelation from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, the issue is now resolved, and all the users’ assets are safe, secure, and visible again on the platform. 

In response to this, the club ensured it wouldn’t happen again. It is currently in contact with the OpenSea marketplace to provide its users don’t reencounter the same complications while using the platform. 

As we go through the users’ responses over Twitter, they felt like their worst nightmare while seeing their assets being delisted. One of the users mocked that all his assets from the OpenSea are delisted, and now all he has is a Black T-shirt.

Adding further to the user’s response, a few praised the BAYC for fixing the error well on time and called it a minor error. 

Earlier this Thursday, OpenSea also reported one such incident where they misused their employee access.

One of the employees of an email vendor misused their employee access to download & share the email addresses of the users with an unauthorized external party. 

All the email addresses shared to OpenSea by the users or through subscribed newsletters were impacted. The incident was confirmed over the official Twitter handle of OpenSea. 

OpenSea also confirmed that the investigation is ongoing, and the incident was reported to law enforcement. Adding further, OpenSea also asked users to stay cautious and released a few instructions: 

  • We only send emails from the domain “” 
  • Never download anything from an OpenSea email.
  • Never share seed phrase with anyone-we’ll never ask for it 
  • Do not interact with emails & files sent by strangers.