Ethereum Domain Names become the most traded NFTs on OpenSea


  • ENS domains have topped 7-day chart in trading volume on OpenSea.
  • Ethereum domain NFTs weekly volume eclipsed 2,249 ETH, surpassing RTFKT Clone X and Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  • Whittaker said that users can register a .eth domain only on ENS.

ENS domains have emerged as the #1 collection on OpenSea. During the last 24 hours, there has been a jump of 170% in sales to flip BAYC in 7-day volume.

Last week, the trading volume of ENS exceeded 2,305 ETH which is $3.76 million and represents an increase of 43% on a weekly basis. On the other hand, BAYC experienced a 43% drop to 2,126 ETH.

The last seven days saw over 9,000 ENS domains changing hands in comparison to 16 BAYC NFTs. However, the ENS floor price is less than $16 while the lowest price of a BAYC NFT is around $124,000.

There are about 508,000 holders of ENS NFTs with a trading volume of 56.3k ETH, which represents over $86.2 million, as per OpenSea. As of now, there are about 2 million ENS items with overall sales of 2,682 ENS.

Previous month was the third highest month for ENS in terms of revenue. 2.17 million domain names were made which account for 99% of the domain name sales volume.

Khori Whittaker, ENS executive director, believes that the merge has drawn more attention towards Ethereum and users are preparing for a post-merge world. He further said that registering personal ENS is a must for Web3 users who are entering into the new beginning of Ethereum.

Recently, OpenSea announced supporting NFTs on the PoS Ethereum blockchain after the Merge.

Meanwhile, Vitalik Buterin shared a poll on Twitter asking about the price tag of a five-letter ENS domain name.

According to the results, 49.8% of people chose “Under $100”, while 18.9% of voters opted for “$10,000 or more.”