OpenSea announces supporting NFTs on PoS Ethereum blockchain after the Merge


  • OpenSea has shared its stance on NFTs that it will support after the Merge.
  • The marketplace will not support or reflect ETHPoW items.
  • The team shared that Polygon is now supported by its Seaport protocol.

OpenSea is planning to support non-fungible tokens based on the PoS version of Ethereum upon completion of The Merge. 

Until now, over $31 billion in Ethereum-based NFTs have been traded on OpenSea. The overall amount has been made up by trading non-fungible tokens underpinned by the existing PoW Ethereum version.

The Merge is the end stage in the transition of Ethereum from PoW to PoS and will see the Beacon Chain along with its validators turning into the base of the blockchain network. Several crypto outfits will have the impact and are currently busy in the preparation for the switch. 

In a tweet, OpenSea shared that it is preparing for a smooth transition but also addressed that it will need monitoring, handling and interacting.

The marketplace has also said:

While we won’t speculate on potential forks — to the extent forked NFTs on ETHPoW exist — they won’t be supported or reflected on OpenSea.