OpenSea introduces its newly redesigned homepage


  • The revamped top carousel is the major highlight of the redesigned homepage.
  • Collections sorted by highest volume during a period of 24 hours are displayed in the Top tab.
  • Collections based on the NFT momentum during 24 hours are displayed in the Trending tab.

OpenSea has shared its upcoming homepage redesign. The aim behind redesigning is to give everyone a spectacular entry into the NFT space that shows how vibrant the ecosystem is besides surprising them with a standard content.   

A combination of solid data and statistics, accumulating finds from OpenSea’s team and community tastemakers and transforming discovery into an even delightful experience are all on the priority list from now.  

The new homepage features a new carousel at the top of the page besides increased visibility for the ‘Top & Trending’ collections as well as spotlight sections.  

The new look will divert the initial focus on the renovated top carousel. It will either display one major event or latest & trending collections that will rotate time-to-time. The marketplace aims to let everyone have a smooth experience in discovering new and leading projects as well as creators in the NFT space. 

The community of collectors has shared that both data and statistics matter a lot for the overall experience. Through redesigning, not only top and trending collections will be highlighted but more data such as volume and floor price will also be shared, which will allow viewing the NFT world without restriction of time. This particular section will enable collectors to access the enhanced Stats page, which features a detailed look into major insights as well as a renovated Watchlist tab.

The redesigned homepage will be incorporated with new shelves that will showcase new and worthy projects. Moreover, NFT types, genres, artists and projects sorted by OpenSea’s team and guest tastemakers from the community will be highlighted in the future.

Improvements and additions will make way in the coming months. Some of these will be-

  1. Displaying exciting and topical finds from the entire NFT ecosystem through curators and tastemakers.
  2. A detailed insight into expanding NFT verticals such as music and gaming.
  3. Offering extra and fresh statistics to collectors to make it easy for them to find their preferred collections and artists. 

The new homepage will feature the work of every type of creator and support everyone in exploring the diversity and degree of creativity that is yet to be unveiled. A day before, Today NFT News reported, OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer shared his thoughts on the recent Web3 market conditions.