OpenSea Announced Revamped Categories Experience


  • OpenSea has developed a new and better form of category experience for its users. It has an addition of amazing new categories and tags for the artist.
  • New Categories include Gaming, Membership, PFPs, and Sports Collectibles. These will help artists to highlight their works better.
  • OpenSea is going to launch its all-new navigation system soon!

OpenSea announced its new categories on December 1st. They informed their audience about the upcoming wave of NFT cases. To help the world discover and learn about new varieties of projects, they came up with their new revamp. 

Here there will be a new set of categories for the artist that will sort out the NFT works in an organized manner, and finding those will be easier and effortless.

With the new announcement, they added that the creators could make new categories and tags for their work and collections.  When the artworks and collections are categorized better, it will be much more convenient to work with, and the artist will be able to highlight their work in a much better way.

Finding projects by different artists and types of artwork will be easier. Each project will be special and unique. OpenSea is also introducing its amazing categories of Gaming, Membership, PFPs, and Sports Collectibles. 

As they are adding up these new types, they will remove some tags and limit them. When the artists can tag their projects, they will be unique within their category.

They openly asked their users to select their categories and choose their tags. They can also adjust it according to their needs. They also announce additional information about the upcoming new navigation.