OpenSea’s new Private Beta Testing Program Is now available


  • OpenSea launched its Beta Testing program in February.
  • Programs are granted to their users first before launching.
  • After sign-up, they send regular updates on ongoing projects.

In February, OpenSea officially announced that they would launch a private beta program. Through their proprietary opt-in program, users can participate in pressure testing and refine new experiences of their products before they launch them to everyone, so their users can benefit from their experiences. 

Additionally, their product engineering team is still working hard to fix bugs and finalize last-minute details. Its exclusive private beta program grants users early access to new features. This allows them to create more seamless, delightful experiences and more robust representations of their diverse users. This program is designed specifically to provide users with direct input into their OpenSea Beta program.

Until February 10, 2023, users can sign up to participate in our newly launched beta testing. However, they will formally terminate the sign-up period after that date and lock down their private beta members. For the best chance of getting a position in the testing, please sign up using the form provided below as soon as possible.

After you successfully opt-in using the form above, their team will email you regular updates on the private beta feature launches that only users who have signed up will be able to access, along with detailed instructions on how to onboard and start using their updated features.

According to OpenSea, they have a relatively easy form you can fill out to provide feedback to the development team. In the private beta, they allow a number of their users to test out the newly announced features. We want to hear from you as you lead the investigation into everything from blatant user experience flaws to general comments on the product experience. Furthermore, they are looking for ways to improve our present designs.