Reddit’s avatar NFTs are selling at premium prices on OpenSea


  • Reddit’s NFT avatars are fetching high prices on its secondary sales on OpenSea.
  • Reddit recently launched its NFT marketplace and released its blockchain-based avatars on the platform.
  • On the Reddit NFT marketplace, the avatar NFTs price falls between $9.99 to $99.99.

Reddit’s blockchain-based Collectible Avatars are selling for thousands on OpenSea. The secondary sales of Reddit’s avatar NFTs have surpassed their prices on the platform’s own NFT marketplace.

“The Senses” NFTs have accumulated over 15 ETH on Polygon or approximately $25,000 since August 20th, 2022. “The Mouths” #12 became the most expensive NFT to be sold for $333 or 1.377 Polygon-bridged ETH on September 3rd, 2022.

As of now, 1800 Foustlings have been listed on OpenSea. Its sales volume totals 9.6 Polygon-bridged ETH. Rainbow Foustling #373 was sold for 0.348 Polygon-bridged ETH. With this, it became the most expensive NFT sold from the specific Foustling collection.

Prominent Reddit avatar NFTs that have attracted the NFT community are The Senses x Reddit Collectible Avatars and Foustlings x Reddit Collectible Avatars.

The Natsukashii, Celestial Assembly, and Wearing Your Emotions are gradually showing some sales. These collections have a sales volume of 3.7 ETH, 2.4 ETH, and 1.5 ETH respectively.

Reddit had launched its NFT marketplace and released the blockchain-based avatar NFT collection on the platform in July. At the time of the release of “Collectibles Avatars” the price of NFTs was available from $9.99 to $99.99. Reddit gave people the flexibility to buy avatar NFTs using fiat currency on its platform.

Currently, NFTs in the price range of $5 to $49 are available in the store. However, the NFTs listed for $50 or more are all sold out. You can still buy these pricey NFTs on OpenSea at a much higher price than originally listed on Reddit’s NFT marketplace.

Reddit’s collectible avatars are created by several independent artists. These are limited edition avatar NFTs minted on the Polygon, Ethereum, Klaytn, and Solana blockchain networks. Due to its cross-chain support feature, these avatar NFTs are selling at premium prices on OpenSea.