Zoonies introduces Planet Zoon Ecosystem, announces future plans


  • Zoonies shares their roadmap ahead of their July 20th OpenSea launch
  • They will be introducing the Planet Zoon Ecosystem and a roadmap revealing their future plans
  • The Twitter thread revealed details related to the components of the Planet Zoon

In a recent announcement made by Zoonies on their official Twitter handle, it came to notice that they are introducing a Planet Zoon Ecosystem. This has come following the revelation of their launch on the OpenSea platform on July 20. 

The Planet Zoon Ecosystem is going to be the first milestone on the roadmap of Zoonies after their launch on OpenSea, the world’s largest Web3 marketplace. As revealed in the official announcement, the dashboard of Zoonies’ Planet Zoon will contain the following components:

  1. Staking ($POTION token reward)
  2. Arcade with $POTION token utilization
  3. Planet Zoon 2D Metaverse with 10’000 apartments
  4. Zoonies Traits Economy (TE) Marketplace

Following the thread of tweets from the official Twitter handle of Zooonies, we got information regarding the staking capability of Zoonies NFTs. Users will be able to stake and earn $POTION tokens following the mint. 

What decides the number of $POTION tokens that Zoonies will generate is the rarity factor. In addition to this, Zoonies holders will be able to play games with the utilization of the $POTION token. As rewards, they can get DAO passes, NFTs of their future partners, items for Plant Zoon Apartments, Whitelist spots, and traits for Zoonies. 

In the future, Zoonies will be adding games with Multiplayer mechanics so that Solana communities are able to create teams to compete and earn rewards. The ultimate goal of Zoonies is to build a marketplace to enable Solana NFT holders to decompose their NFT into its individual traits. 

The overall supply of the Planet Zoon 2D Metaverse would be 10,000 apartments, out of which 8,888 are free to claim for Zoonies’ holders. The value of the apartments will be decided on the basis of their size. 

Moreover, Zoonies TE Marketplace is all set to unleash new horizons where users will be able to purchase/sell individual traits and create them from scratch. This will enable the creators economy 2.0 with instant monetization for creators of individual traits.