Walken moves further towards an enhanced ecosystem; Announces a new roadmap


  • Move-to-earn Player Walken announces a new roadmap for the project as the next step towards enhancing its ecosystem.
  • The new roadmap would include incorporating new and advanced features for all the users to lead a healthy lifestyle while being a part of this game.
  • The latest developments implemented on the platform would be spearheading the growth of its community at a rapid pace.

Move-to-earn platform Walken which has been gaining traction by gamifying methods for people to become healthier along with financial incentives has recently released a new roadmap for the project. This marks the project’s next step toward the enhancement of its fast-growing ecosystem. 

The new roadmap will equip the project with new features to look forward to for all the users that are allured to the gamifying methods to lead a healthier lifestyle. Carving out a way for people in which they can earn by focusing on enhancing their health has emerged as one of the most significant opportunities in the Web3 space.

Walken is building momentum for sure, and there is no denying that, and that’s the major reason why it is continuing to note consequential growth. Talking about the developments that the roadmap addresses, they are:

  • Enhanced localization support along with seven additional languages
  • Utilizing the 60 million tokens generated by the community to re-invest in Walken in order to bring value to the community.
  • A new game featuring the CAThletes is in the stages of development and is going to be released separately. 
  • The Walken Ambassador program will be there in order to extend support to the communities. 
  • There will be ranking systems depicting player activity and achievements along with a Wheel of Fortune to reward active players. 
  • A dedicated referral program to offer bonuses. 

As per the in-game economy statistics shared by the project that confirms the expansion of the Walken ecosystem, it was revealed that:

  • Walken has witnessed peaks of more than 20,000 daily new users across the months of July and August. 
  • Russia has become the biggest user base for Walken, accounting for 19.6%, followed by Ukraine, which accounted for 10.4%, India at 7.34%, and Vietnam at 5.13%.
  • This takes the total number of users in the Walken user base to 1.11 million, and the metrics are expected to surge to 2 million by the fourth quarter of 2022. 

Alexei Kulevets, the CEO and Co-Founder of Walken, commented on the fantastic growth of Walken and released a statement that said the major challenge is to make Walken both fun and sustainable.