Du enters Metaverse to improve its network infrastructure performance


  • Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) is enhancing the capabilities of its network by taking advantage of the metaverse’s potential.
  • Saleem AlBlooshi claims that the company is starting a “strong initiative” to create digital twins of its data centers and infrastructure to improve operational efficiency.
  • Technology may assist firms in streamlining their operations through interactive approaches, he said.

According to its chief technology officer, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), the Dubai-based telecom provider du is utilizing the potential of the metaverse to improve the capabilities of its network.

According to Saleem AlBlooshi, the corporation is embarking on a “strong initiative” to build digital twins of its data centers and infrastructure to increase operational effectiveness, lower costs, and improve quality. The metaverse cannot be avoided. The use of the internet will consequently lead to greater emotional engagement, he claimed.

He continued by saying that they see the metaverse as a game-changer for the coming phase and that their excitement for it drives network bandwidth. This was a reference to the maximum amount of data that could be sent across a network, which is predicted to rise sharply as more people use it.

According to Mr. AlBlooshi, the company’s actual physical operations can be reproduced using the digital twins to simulate a variety of scenarios. People can interact in virtual worlds utilizing three-dimensional representations in the coming metaverse.

Through interactive methods, technology can help businesses streamline their operations. With the use of gear like augmented reality goggles and the associated software, businesses can immerse employees in a digital version of their infrastructure.

The business recently announced that through GITEX 2022, du would continue assisting sectors including banking, education, healthcare, and retail in their journey toward digital transformation by leveraging emerging technologies like the metaverse to create novel client experiences.

Additionally, du will seek to open up a range of Web 3.0 business options for the UAE and the surrounding area.

During the Covid-19 pandemic’s peak in 2021, Du increased its network infrastructure investments by “more than 100%,” according to Mr. AlBlooshi. Even though those investments had nothing to do with the metaverse, they prepared the business for its most recent intentions to enter the virtual world.