Gaming Retailer G2A Launches an NFT Marketplace Dedicated to Video Games


  • G2A, a significant player in the digital gaming industry, has expanded its offerings by launching a new NFT marketplace.
  • The company’s CEO, Bartosz Skwarczek, introduced G2A Geekverse, an online platform aimed at Web3 gaming enthusiasts.
  • Skwarczek emphasized that contrary to popular belief, the gaming community is increasingly receptive to cryptocurrency.

G2A Capital Group, a key player in the digital gaming industry, has broadened its horizon by launching a new NFT marketplace focused on Web3 games. This strategic move, announced on November 15, marks a significant expansion in G2A’s offerings, now including a curated selection of gaming NFTs alongside its traditional gaming software. 

Bartosz Skwarczek, CEO of G2A Capital Group, highlighted the company’s commitment to embracing the evolving landscape of blockchain gaming. He noted that gamers increasingly engage with Web3 games and NFT trading, debunking the myth that the gaming community is opposed to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This insight led to G2A Geekverse, an online platform dedicated to Web3 gaming enthusiasts. Here, users can access detailed information about top-tier Web3 games and trade digital assets linked to these games.

The new venture aligns with the growing acceptance of Web3 gaming in the mainstream gaming industry. Notably, the Google Play Store began supporting NFT games under specific conditions in July, allowing sales and earnings through NFTs while prohibiting gambling-related activities. This development reflects a broader trend towards integrating blockchain technologies in conventional gaming platforms.

Similarly, Epic Games, a prominent game developer and publisher, has shown a keen interest in this domain. It listed ‘Gods Unchained,’ a blockchain-based trading card game, on the Epic Games Store. This game, reminiscent of well-known titles like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, exemplifies the potential of NFTs in enhancing gaming experiences. Further underlining its commitment to this new era of gaming, Epic Games plans to introduce ‘Illuvium,’ another blockchain-based game, to its platform on November 28.

G2A’s foray into the NFT marketplace for Web3 games is not just an expansion of its product line; it’s a strategic move acknowledging the evolving preferences of the gaming community. By offering a dedicated space for Web3 games and NFTs, G2A positions itself at the forefront of this digital transformation, catering to a new generation of gamers increasingly interested in the intersection of gaming and blockchain technologies.