Largest NFT sale! NFT whale sold 1,010 NFTs in 48 hours


  • A prominent NFT whale has sold 1,010 tokens in the past 48 hours.
  • The major NFTs sold belong to projects such as BAYC, MAYC, Otherdeed and Azuki.
  • Blur’s second airdrop hints at a strategy to receive additional BLUR token rewards besides more profits.

Jeffrey Hwang, an NFT whale, who is also known as Machi Big Brother, has dumped 1,010 tokens within 48 hours for 11,680 ETH. 

Andrew Thurman, Nansen’s Simian Psychometric Enhancement Technician, tweeted the trading activity in the 48 hours and called it the largest NFT sale till date. The key selling event had 90 BAYC NFTs, 308 Otherdeed NFTs, 112 Azuki, 191 MAYC NFTs along with tokens from other collections.

Machi Big Brother purchased back 991 NFTs after the dump, which was referred by Thurman as a possible move to book profits alongside managing a big wash trade for prominent Blur airdrop profits or a naked market manipulation. 

Reportedly, Machi is among the biggest receivers of the BLUR token airdrop. Recently, the Blur marketplace threw OpenSea from the #1 spot in terms of the NFT platform when it comes to trading volume.

Blur began giving its initial rounds of airdrops on February 14. The quantity of airdropped tokens were based on the level of users’ engagement with the platform as well as their NFT trading activity based on Ethereum

Arkham Intel, a blockchain analytics platform, tweeted that Machi got 1.8 million BLUR tokens and cashed it for $1.3 million. It seems that Machi might be considering scoring fresh BLUR tokens in the following round, something other whales might be considering too. 

If we look at the floor prices of major collections sold by Machi, the floor prices of BAYC, Otherdeed, Azuki and MAYC NFTs have dropped in the last 24 hours, as per NFT Price Floor.

Thurman further mentioned that the market is being damaged as a result of one man’s hunt for an airdrop.The team at Blur tweeted on February 22 that they will airdrop tokens worth $300 million in their second round.