Owners of Solana Saga Received Complimentary NFTs, Now Being Sold for Over $1,000


  • Solana Saga smartphone owners received Saga Monkes NFTs in an exclusive airdrop, now selling for over $1,000, surpassing the phone’s retail value.
  • The 8,505 Saga Monkes NFTs, minted during the initial phone setup, have witnessed a rapid surge in demand on secondary markets.
  • Solana Labs continues intertwining technology with digital assets, providing Saga smartphone owners with unique NFTs like BONK meme coin and Claynosaurz.

In a remarkable turn of events, Solana Saga smartphone owners are reaping substantial financial rewards through the airdrop of Saga Monkes NFTs. These NFTs, gifted initially for free, are now commanding staggering prices in the market, outstripping the phones’ value.

Launched on January 6, Saga Monkes entered the digital asset space with an airdrop exclusive to Solana Saga Genesis NFT holders. These NFTs were minted during the phone’s initial setup, marking a novel intersection of technology and digital art. A total of 8,505 Saga Monkes were distributed to eligible wallets, as per the snapshot taken on January 2.

The demand for these digital assets surged rapidly. By late Tuesday, these NFTs were listed on secondary marketplaces with an initial price tag of around $1,250 in SOL, significantly higher than the $599 retail price of the Saga smartphone before it sold out in December.

Wednesday witnessed an average sale price of $1,069 for a Saga Monkes NFT, according to CryptoSlam data. This figure represents a notable 368% increase from the previous day. Despite a slight cooling in prices, the cheapest-listed NFT still holds a value of approximately $740, indicating a robust market interest.

These developments highlight a growing trend in the tech industry, where owning a particular device or product opens doors to exclusive digital assets. Solana Labs, the company behind the Saga smartphone, has consistently rewarded its customers with digital perks. Apart from the Saga Monkes NFTs, owners have previously enjoyed benefits like the BONK meme coin airdrop, which at its peak was valued at over $1,000, and the Claynosaurz: Call of Saga NFT, now worth about $1,650.

Saga Monkes has announced plans to mint additional NFTs for Saga owners who coined their Genesis NFT post the initial snapshot, although no specific timeline has been set for this next wave of NFTs. Meanwhile, Solana Labs remains tight-lipped about future endeavors related to the Saga smartphone, including the potential production of more devices or newer models, keeping the tech community eagerly awaiting further announcements.

This scenario underscores the burgeoning synergy between technology and the digital asset world as companies leverage NFTs and cryptocurrencies to add value to physical products, creating a unique ecosystem for consumers and investors alike.